Principles and Values


The principles we apply

  1. We engage in initiatives and partnerships grounded in mutual trust, shared values, agreed ethical codes and high professional standards.
  2. The Academy rejects latent elitist attitudes, colonial mentalities, and discriminatory practices.
  3. We stand for sound, objective, professional evaluation in the public interest.
  4. We undertake to be open, respectful, and honest in all our work.
  5. The Academy respects the subsidiarity principle in all its work.
  6. We strive for diversity and inclusiveness.
  7. We are not partisan, sectarian, or politically motivated.
  8. We reach out to organizations in the scientific, academic, and social research fields.
  9. We commit to promote inclusive and culturally sensitive evaluation approaches that respect nature, stand for human rights, and promote gender equality.
  10. We support the transformative changes needed to promote a just, sustainable world free of poverty and bias.
  11. We embrace the ‘leave no one behind’ aspirations of Agenda 2030.
  12. We do not accept funding that compromises our independence or funding that is not in accordance with our values.


Values of the Academy

The Academy aims to be self-reflective, open, respectful, and honest in all its activities. It strives for justice, diversity, and tolerance. Its values are Inclusivity, Compassion, Courage, Competence and Integrity.  The Academy uses the mnemonic ICCCI (pronounced ICY) to help make the values mindful and observing of its values.