Adapting Evaluations in times of crises: lessons learned

Reflections on lessons from the EvalCrisis initiative

In the past two years, the evaluation community adapted methods and processes to face the constraints brought in by the Covid-19 crisis; difficulties did not stop evaluation. What did we learn from this experience?

The Covid-19 crisis changed the way evaluations are prioritised, managed and conducted: difficulties in accessing respondents, measures to prevent disease transmission, different methods to explain ‘how change happens’, application of ‘Do No Harm’ and ‘Leave No One Behind’ principles, remote or semi-remote evaluations through innovative methodologies and tools etc.

The EC DG INTPA/ESS Evaluation in Crisis (EvalCrisis) initiative was launched in April 2020 to produce and share resources on adaptive evaluation practices in time of a global crisis.

A panel of distinguished discussants will share their reflections on the lessons learnt from this initiative, which are available at…;

The key lessons learnt will be shortly introduced for discussion by Marco Lorenzoni (DG INTPA/ESS and Board member EES) and Hur Hassnain (DG INTPA/ESS and Board member IDEAS); Valentin Alvarez (DG INTPA, Evaluation Officer) will facilitate the Q&A session and introduce the event. The event is co-organised with the European Evaluation Society (EES), the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) and the International Evaluation Academy (IEAc).



  • Felix Fernandez Shaw, Director for Sustainable Development Policy and Coordination, DG INTPA
  • Alison Evans, WB Group, Director Evaluation
  • Oscar Garcia, UNDP Independent Evaluation Office, Director
  • Megan Kennedy-Chouane, OECD-DAC, Director Evaluation
  • Silvia Salinas Mulder, IOCE, Chair and EvalPartners, co-Chair

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