Global Declaration on Evaluation for Transformational Change – Public comments

The Prague Declaration on Evaluation for Transformational Change was unanimously adopted on 4 October 2019 by the assembled participants of the Conference on Evaluation for Transformative Change, which gathered the 2019 IDEAS Global Assembly and the Third International Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development. This Declaration included strong support for further work on transformational evaluation, to be undertaken in partnership, exploring power relations and promoting inclusiveness, with respect for rights and responsibilities.

The Pandemic broke out shortly thereafter and interconnected and overlapping crises, including climate change, biodiversity loss, political instability, economic inequality, and public health emergencies have subsequently deepened, broadened, and accelerated. On the occasion of the 4th Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development, having reviewed and reflected on the multiple and diverse evaluation networks and associations around the world, the Conference brings forth the Updated Prague Declaration, called the Global Declaration on Evaluation for Transformational Change.

The declaration will be launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2024, for affirmation by all evaluation networks and associations, as well as individuals who wish to endorse it.

Before the launch event we are sharing the Declaration for public comments, hoping to gather broader input and perspectives from stakeholders, experts, and the public, to enhance its quality, credibility, and inclusivity. While the Declaration does not claim to be exhaustive, and evaluation stakeholders may have differing opinions on specific wording, we assert that through encouraging transparency, accountability, and democratic engagement via public comments, we can arrive at a final version that embodies its essence, spirit, and commitments, and reflects its urgency in light of ongoing poly-crises.

We would like to invite you to read the Declaration, and share your comments at your discretion. We value your time and thank you in advance for your thoughtful reflections. The document will be open for public comments until close of business on Friday March 29, 2024.

Further details regarding the Earth Day launch event will be provided in due course.

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