A New Special Issue of the Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation is Available Now!


The International Evaluation Academy has just published, in collaboration with the Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation, a special edition entitled Decolonizing Evaluation: Towards a Fifth Paradigm, with Bagele Chilisa, Nicole Bowman, and Michael Harnar as editors.

The International Evaluation Academy has reached a significant milestone in promoting the inclusion, uptake, and integration of decolonized paradigms into the evaluation agenda and practice. This effort aims to understand better the characteristics and methodologies of these  paradigms and how they are being implemented.

Based on the metaphorical evaluation tree, this special issue debates the place of Indigenous evaluation as a distinct branch characterized by (a) belief in the interconnectedness between the living and the non-living and between the people and their environment, (b) belief in relational existence, (c) a distinct meaning of context and its role in evaluation, and (d) an understanding of needs that are inclusive of self-determination, sovereignty, giving back to the community what is theirs, and revitalizing Indigenous philosophies, concepts, tools, and practices.

Scholars from Western, non-Western, Indigenous, and other social groups were invited to share their knowledge and expertise on this issue which covers topics related to Philosophical Foundations, Evaluation capture, Evolution and Risks, and, Decolonization in Practice.

This is an invitation to engage with the content of this special issue and take part in the process of the decolonization of minds. This Special issue is open access and available at the following link: https://journals.sfu.ca/jmde/index.php/jmde_1/issue/current

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