Decolonizing National Evaluation Systems

On November 1st, the International Evaluation Academy hosted the first deep conversation on Decolonising National Evaluation Systems. The webinar was centered around a paper on the same subject, which is currently under submission to the African Evaluation Journal (AEJ). The webinar panel comprised co-authors Candice Morkel, Ian Goldman, Edoe Dimitri Agbodjan (CLEAR Francophone Africa), and Thokozile Molaiwa (Head of Evaluation in South Africa), alongside JMDE paper author Beverly Parsons.

At the event, they learned about the following cases:

  • South Africa Case: Current system functionality, feasibility, and sustainability. Integrating machine systems with ecological systems, either jointly or individually at full capacity.
  • Benin Case: Machine systems versus ecological systems. What proportion of the ecological system operates effectively

As part of our review, we also examined the conclusions that were drawn from each system and how they were integrated.

During the conversation, the participants were able to share their ideas and explore the possibility of further developing the topic in the future. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with one of the authors of the JMDE papers, Beverly Parsons.

To explore these topics further, please visit this link: .

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