Decolonizing National Evaluation Systems by Ian Goldman, Candice Morkel, Edoe Dimitrij Agbodjan, and Thokozile Molaiwa

The  International Evaluation Academy is sponsoring the Transformational Eval Week at the AEA Blog during the week of December 10th, 2023 through December 16th,2023.

In this post, Ian Goldman, the President of the IEAc and Advisor to the Global Evaluation Initiative, Candice Morkel, an IEAc Board member and Director of CLEAR Anglophone Africa, Edoe Dimitrij Agbodjan, Director of CLEAR Francophone Africa, and Thokozile Molaiwa, Chief Director of Evaluation at the Department of Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation in South Africa, discuss the need to decolonize national evaluation systems.

They aim to create fairer societies and effective evaluation systems in countries, to tackle ecological and social justice problems. The authors suggest embracing peer learning, involving civil society, and empowering leadership culture to transform National Evaluation Systems and tackle systemic challenges.

This post is based on a seminar organized by the Academy on November 1st, 2023, and a forthcoming paper for the African Evaluation Journal. If you are interested in pursuing these issues, please contact Viviana Lascano, the IEAc Coordinator, at

If you want to read the entire blog post, please click on the link:

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