Principles for Evaluating Transformation by Michael Quinn Patton and Weronika Felcis

The  International Evaluation Academy is sponsoring the Transformational Eval Week at the AEA Blog during the week of December 10th, 2023 through December 16th,2023.

In this blog, Michael Quinn Patton and Weronika Felcis, board members of the International Evaluation Academy, presented a work-in-progress on the Principles for Evaluating Transformation. The have synthesized the knowledge of members of the Academy to offer six core principles essential to transformational initiatives and their evaluation, interrelated with other Academy initiatives.

Transformation means deep, meaningful, and substantial systems change, contextual and emergent. They support that contextual development and adaptation and invite your comments and reflections. The International Evaluation Academy creates and supports a network of globally-oriented evaluators who can conduct independent evaluations of global transformational initiatives based on these principles.

If you want to read the entire blog post, please click on the link:

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