Update on the International Evaluation Academy

The International Evaluation Academy (IEAc) was established following the 2019 IDEAS Global Assembly and Third International Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development, which resulted in the Prague Declaration on Evaluation for Transformational Change. It is formally registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in the United Kingdom. It is managed by a Board of Trustees,
and an expert Council which supports Fellows to initiate, design, and implement programmes and projects. A new Executive Committee has just been elected and confirmed by the Board, with a vision guided by the promotion of planetary health, wellbeing and just transformation
towards a more regenerative and resilient future.

As an independent Science Academy, IEAc aims to influence, professionalize and help transform evaluation practice, encourage innovative change in evaluation design and management, and address pressing challenges to socio-economic and environmental sustainability.

Initial areas of work concern decolonization, indigenous orientations and collaborations with indigenous societies, system sciences, research on evaluation, evaluation criteria, and climate and food justice for systems transformation. It also carries out applied research on the criteria and methods of evaluation itself. It holds subsidiarity as a central principle and will work in a complementary manner, avoiding duplication and competition with existing evaluation networks, institutions, and VOPEs that represent the global evaluation architecture.

The Academy mobilizes independent commissions, workshops, roundtables, and expert meetings aimed at informing and influencing critical public policy problems. It commissions and carries out fee-based, evaluatordirected, transformational evaluations and research. It does not accept funding that compromises its independence.


For further information contact the IEAc Coordinator Daniel Svoboda, follow IEAc on Twitter at @IEAc_Eval and LinkedIn, or contact any of the Board Members from across the globe.


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